Entre amigos

Tres amigos reunidos por el azar.

Three friends got together by chance.

Roller Boogie with me – Roller Boogie with me

La deliciosa – Delicious girl

Dirás que soy otra – You will say I am another

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  1. Koneko Renichan says:

    One of my favourites of Diana’s image posts so far. Instead of starting with the text, it started with the feeling which is the illustration itself. The subtle but salient bond between Queen Bird and the Tree of Beginning was truly shown in her returning to see her oldest friend. It was like the sweetest allegory of the only true friend returning to its life companion, leaving him in pure shock but after realizing it was not a mistake, the blossoming welcome starts. Queen Bird would only smile and state “You will say I am another” and then, both will laugh and start talking like they used to. Today, I was touched.

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